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Revolve it’s a brand new concept of high performance cycling shoes 100% hand-made in Biella, Italy. With an elegant and racing design, it’s made with a combination of Matte Silk Microfiber fabric, Square Microfiber inserts, High Density Nylon Mesh, that not only looks great, but was created specifically to wrap around your feet. The Breathability of the shoe is guaranteed by the laser micro holes production process.

The closure is guaranteed by the Surround Fit System (SFS) in combination with a double BOA’s new anodized aluminum Li2 dial that provides a premium finish and superior grip that is designed for a more consistent hold in all weather conditions. Sleek and low-profile, Li2 is engineered for unprecedented precision and durability. Multi-directional tightening and loosening modulates tension when and where needed for fast, effortless execution.

In addition, the Revolve has the FCT Carbon sole, with a thickness from your foot to the pedal of only 3.5 mm You will have the maximum of stiffness and your power will be transferred to the pedals as you have never experienced before. Revolve comes integrated with our brand new Anatomic Moldable insole, that you can adjust to your feet.

3 bolt sole for Look compatible cleats/pedal.

Please Note: The features might change without notice. Pictures and Technical Information purely indicative.


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• Sleek, low-profile dial platform, engineered for unprecedented precision and durability.

• The new anodized aluminum dial provides a superior grip that is designed for a more consistent hold in all weather conditions.

• Multi-directional tightening and loosening modulates tension when and where needed for fast, effortless execution.


With an extensive research of exclusive finishes and the proper choice of materials we have created Silk Matte and Square Microfiber material.The surface treatment ensures our products have a unique look that enhances the design and allows for easy maintenance. Our Microfiber is characterized by being wear resistant, stable, lightweight, waterproof and eco-compatible. It is subjected to hydro treatment, reducing the water absorption and features a strong anti-mold characteristic. The HS Microfiber is certified, does not contain hazardous substances and complies with strict European standards. It is micro-perforated and cut by Laser nano technology for optimal cooling effect. Reduced stitching and nylon mesh upper support.


In the development of the Revolve we collaborated with an orthopedics team to develop a brand new revolutionary anatomic last. By studying the natural shape of the foot, we were able to deliver a consistent 360 degree fitting experience.


The Surround Fit System (SFS) is a new concept of bi-directional self-centering closure configuration that, combined with the Li2 dials, give you a wraparound feeling without any pressure points for a perfect fit.


The leading-edge Forged Carbon Technology (FCT). The term “forged” used to describe the particular process where high temperatures and pressures up to 1500 psi- created a carbon composite which is up to 2/3 less dense than metal titanium, but much stronger. This process allows us to make very thin and light sole without compromising the rigidity.


To increase performance in race and improve the endurance in training, this insole has a thermoformable insert. Thanks to this solution it is possible to customize the fit to the individuals arch and achieve a more natural and comfortable support. Increasing the stability reduces internal movement and the risk of skin irritation.


Data sheet

Matte Silk Microfiber fabric + Square Microfiber inserts
FCT - Carbon Technology
230 gr. (EU 41)
Performance fit system
BOA® Li2 dial

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