Road cycling shoes are designed to optimize your performance on your road bike and make your ride more comfortable. Utilizing stiffness and encompassing a glove-like fit, a good pair of road shoes will enhance your comfort and maximize your power transfer. Vittoria Road shoes are ideally suited for a variety of riders whether you are new to cycling or you are looking for a performance shoe. From our award-winning top-of-the-line VELAR shoe featuring our proprietary FCT Carbon Sole, BOA fit system and Microfiber upper, all the way to our Kids models, our shoes are intentionally created to fit your foot comfortably and bring you the technical solution for your specific cycling needs. Road shoes are made with a stiff sole with three threaded inserts so you can attach cleats for use with clipless pedals. When you use clipless pedals, you are able to transfer all the power directly to the pedal, without any dispersion of energy while maintaining the comfort you need.

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